About Out of Parts

OOPs you’re out of material! There are a variety of reasons this happened; planning issues, vendor delivery issues, material obsolescence, transportation delays, etc. So what do you do?

You can spend hours calling and sending emails to your current contact base then wait for a response from the hundreds of manufacturers, distributors, contractors all over the world.


You can search Out of Parts and instantly know what companies have the material you need. Out of Parts telecommunications supply chain solutions, powered by inWerks, will help you find what you need.

Here is how Out of Parts works:

  • Users can create an PRIVATE account via Linkedin, Facebook, or by email.
  • Users have detailed access to vendors carrying the materials they need.
  • Users on behalf of their company can create a company profile.
  • The company user can now upload inventory to OutofParts.com and start to sell their industrial products.